About LiteBreeze Infotech

LiteBreeze is a web development company with Swedish management based in Kochi. It is managed by David Claesson

LiteBreeze has been operating from Kochi for more than 10 years. Most of our clients are north European and primarily Swedish.

LiteBreeze currently employs 30 people and we are growing quickly, adding around two employees per month.

Our commitment is to provide the highest quality of development services paired with the best customer service -- outsourcing made simple!

My name is David Claesson and I’m the managing director at LiteBreeze in Kochi.

I’m originally from Sweden, and my first visit to India was in 2004 at the age of 19. At that time I had been involved in a few different web projects such as a gaming web portal and a web hosting business. I had developed the gaming portal and the sign up process and CRM for the web hosting business myself using PHP.

The web hosting business had 200+ clients and the gaming portal 5000+ daily visitors at their peaks so these ventures along with programming studies during the Swedish equivalent to high school had equipped me with programming and system administration experience.

After arriving in India in 2004, I had just finished high school. I came with two friends and together we explored the opportunities that India presented. And we planted the seed to what later became LiteBreeze. After 9 months in India I went back to Sweden in 2005 to pursue business studies. I returned to India again in 2007 to focus all my attention on LiteBreeze.

These experiences have given me a lot of hands on experience of both PHP programming, project management, recruiting, training and coaching, and setting up processes that deliver value to our clients.

My main responsiblities at LiteBreeze are:

  •   - Recruiting, coaching and training staff to ensure high service quality, user-friendly applications and clean scalable code.
  •   - Being a cultural bridge between our Western clients and Indian staff.
  •   - Developing efficient processes and systems to facilitate the delivery of high quality web development services.
  •   - Marketing the benefits and value that LiteBreeze can provide its clients.

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Why you should join LiteBreeze

Improve your skillset

You will work with modern technology: responsive interfaces; MVC frameworks; version control systems like GIT

Challenging projects

Complex projects and other customized solutions where you will work in a team. You will learn a lot from these projects!

Free PHP certification

Learn and prove that you are one of the best. Get a free Zend PHP certification

Work-life balance

Enjoy an independent work life with flexible work hours and the option to work from home one day per week

Best pay in the industry

We’re a profitable company with profitable clients from economically strong regions

Improve your professionalism

We’re fanatical about servicing our clients. Get coached by our manager on how to make clients happier

Opportunities to visit Europe

Get an opportunity to visit our clients on-site in Europe. A great experience! Learn more on our blog

Improve your code

You will receive frequent feedback on your code from our experienced project leaders and our on-site manager

Professional yet relaxed environment

Professional yet relaxed environment. Great interiors and work stations are required for you to perform and be comfortable

LiteBreeze is not for everyone though: to fit in you need good English communication skills and you need to be a self-directed learner who is also enthusiastic about servicing clients. You need to understand our clients and provide solutions that help them become more successful.

Some of our clients

@spire is a web 2.0 business application providing exceptional functionality in sales warehouse stock control and marketing for SME's using the SAGE Line 50 Accounting System. The software LiteBreeze developed features a real time synchronization utility installed on Sage server and various CRM modules.

"LiteBreeze has developed our business software by providing an outstanding service and in terms of deliverables they absolutely exceeded our expectations. I would highly recommend LiteBreeze if you are planning on building your complex yet effectively manageable cloud based business application. "   Peter Blacklock (Barking, United Kingdom)

Funcruises.se is a CRM and booking management system developed for a Swedish event planner specializing in cruises for students and other niche target groups. The application is developed using the CodeIgniter framework.

"Our website and business application is a highly customized PHP solution that we have worked on with LiteBreeze since 2010. We've been happy with the services provided by LiteBreeze and we feel how service and technical capability is continuously being improved. We'd recommend LiteBreeze highly for those who need good service and a responsive team of programmers. "   Martin Wengström (Sandviken, Sweden)

Aptum.se is a Swedish fire and safety consultancy and we've developed a CRM and business application for them where they can keep track of customers, service locations, inspections, safety equipment, orders, invoices, staff and more.

"LiteBreeze has developed our business software where we manage customers, orders, invoices, inspection reports etc. They have helped us save time with things such as invoicing and preparation of inspection reports, and they have delivered good service. We're happy to recommend LiteBreeze!"   Gustav Paringer (Umeå, Sweden)

LXC Coin is a second-generation cryptocurrency which is 100% backed with real money. LiteBreeze has developed the official website for LXC Coin using codeigniter platform and bootstrap css

"LiteBreeze have proved themselves to be very client-friendly and punctual. Our website is a highly customized solution and we've set a high level of expectation. We are impressed with the service and have now entrusted them with the development of our P2P application which is a rather big and complex system. "   Henrik Ellefsen (Denmark)

SafePac.se is an e-learning platform with a built-in CRM. The e-learning solution is developed on the Zend Framework (PHP and MySQL) however some legacy software is being used for parts of the back-end as well.

"LiteBreeze has developed an e-learning application in PHP and MySQL for us. They have helped us to automate our processes, save time and deliver value to end users. They're highly professional and I'd recommend LiteBreeze to anyone needing custom PHP application development."   Tommy Sandberg (Karlskoga, Sweden)

Delafee.com is an ecommerce website selling unique gold products such as edible gold and gold interior decoration products. It's a heavily customized osCommerce solution with support for multiple languages and currencies.

"LiteBreeze not only has the technical skills to complete complex projects but the development team is also easy to work with. With LiteBreeze we are developing solutions fast without the need to micro-manage. I have recommended LiteBreeze to other businesses and will recommend them further."   Sebastien Jeanneret (Neuchâtel, Switzerland)

The Hatec Group is providing products and services in the fields of mechanical and plant engineering. With manufacturing in Mülheim, “Made in Germany” solutions are being offered to various industries and a wide range of applications. The group is active in industries such as Steel, Power, Maritime, Chemical, Oil & Gas.

"LiteBreeze has been developing the websites of the Hatec Group; they are a great business partner and also a great team to work with having a great customer focused attitude. The team of developers has a strong knowledge and experience in web development and able to work with high level of flexibility to meet targets. We would recommend LiteBreeze to anyone who wants excellent results with great service to carry on all sorts of web development."   Felix Gyllenstedt (Mülheim, Germany)

Bagerikassen.se is a Swedish bakery that offers a wide array of baked goods and confectioneries. We have modified the system in Joomla for ordering and paying for weekly deliveries of their wide range of bread items online. They payments are handled through Netaxept.

"Litebreeze has in a very effective and service-oriented way updated our existing website to make it more efficient and time saving in terms of organizing customers, orders etc. The communication with LiteBreeze troughout this project has been excellent. We can gladly recommend LiteBreeze!"   Leo (Sweden)


The office is newly renovated with a professional and relaxed atmosphere. Modern ergonomic work stations are provided so that you can always perform at your best.

Technology at LiteBreeze

At LiteBreeze we use new and time-saving technology to deliver value to clients:

MVC frameworks

We use MVC frameworks such as Laravel, CodeIgniter and Zend Framework.

Front-end frameworks

We use front-end frameworks such as Bootstrap and Foundation.


We use capable IDEs such as Netbeans.

Version control systems

We use modern version control systems (GIT).

Code review systems

We use sophisticated code review systems so that you get good feedback on your code.

Training and Coaching

Coaching will help you become a better professional faster. Our Swedish on-site manager David Claesson and our team leaders will give you continuous feedback on your work. We will help you:

Plan your projects well

Write better code. We use sophisticated tools to comment on your code inline

Improve quality and detail of time reports

Improve your customer service skills to keep clients happier

Implement more smart and user-friendly features

Make use of new and improved technology to deliver more user-friendly, faster, more secure and beautiful solutions

When joining you will get access to our focus points. These are a set of clear and comprehensive guidelines on things like user-friendliness, communication, service quality, leadership, client management and how to reach more senior positions here at LiteBreeze.

If you do aim to reach a more senior position you just have to follow our clear guidelines and act on the frequent feedback that seniors will give you. We have seven different levels of designations and we do salary and designation appraisals every sixth month, so you have the opportunity to grow really quickly.

After analyzing your interview and tests we will decide on which designation to offer you. And remember that if you have the will it's actually very easy to climb to more senior positions here at LiteBreeze.


At LiteBreeze we focus on developers’ responsibility and giving you as an employee lots of freedom in deciding when and where you work. We offer flexible timings, part time and telecommute options to make your work life go hand in hand with your personal life.

We’re a friendly team, all focused on PHP, and with a mission to deliver truly value-adding and user-friendly applications to our long-term satisfied clients.

     Bini Gopalan PHP Developer

It has been a pleasure working with Litebreeze. As an organization, it has helped me to achieve my goals and has also provided great opportunities to develop my technical and leadership skills. It’s been 7 years since I started working for Litebreeze and it has proved to be an excellent experience for me. I have evolved both personally and professionally to a higher level through my course of employment here.Litebreeze is a nice place to work. My colleagues are always ready to provide their support. I truly appreciate all that I have learned from them and I am very proud to be a part of Litebreeze.

Ajesh A.V PHP Developer

Working at Litebreeze has given me a great opportunity to work with clients from the different regions of the world. With frequent feedback on performance and service quality, I was able to improve more as a professional in a very short time span. Since joining, I've had the opportunity to work on challenging projects utilizing the most modern technology along with complete support from an experienced team. This dynamic environment at Litebreeze provides a truly motivating workplace for me to build a successful career in the world of web applications. With flexible work hours and other amenities that Litebreeze provides, I am gladly enjoying a balanced work life with the right amount of responsibility and fun.

LiteBreeze Office Location

Our office is located in Thaikkavu junction on Puthiya road in Vennala. Puthiya road can be accessed from the bypass highway (located between EMC hospital and Holiday Inn).

If you are coming from Vytilla junction: make a u-turn on the highway two turnarounds after Holiday Inn (when you see Pitstop wheel and tyre shop on the right)and thereafter take the first left onto Puthiya road. Otherwise (coming from Palarivattom-Bypass junction a.k.a Pipeline Junction) turn left at the second exit after EMC hospital (opposite Ahalia Eye Foundation) and immediately onto Puthiya road. Continue for around 500 meters until you reach the first major junction (Thaikkavu junction). Our office is on the top floor in the building on your left.

Contact : + 91 484 645 5118 / +91 484 654 3118

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Vacancies at LiteBreeze

Senior web designer Apply for this position
  • LiteBreeze is looking for a person who can design and build world class websites that include creating simple and elegant user interfaces and producing navigation design for web applications.
  • Designs and constructs web pages/sites including incorporating graphic user interface (GUI) features and other techniques.
  • Designs HTML prototypes, visual interfaces and interaction of web-based applications.
  • Work closely with developers and clients on day to day deliverables.
  • Write clean and concise CSS and trouble shoot / debug issues across browsers.
  • Reproduce mock-ups from Photoshop documents into HTML using CSS.
  • Create clean, user intuitive interface and navigation design.
Senior PHP developer Apply for this position
  • Develop and maintain dynamic web applications
  • Extensive involvement in all aspects of the project development cycle using PHP7 and OOPS concepts
  • Participating in Code Review and walkthroughs
  • Ensure foolproof performance of the deliverable
  • Co-ordinate with co-developers and send regular updates about project status
  • Complex customised team projects which are mostly from North European clients
  • Prior experience of Laravel (or any other MVC framework) and GIT would be an advantage

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